Have you gone Psycho yet?  Your friends have… your neighbors have… and now it’s YOUR turn!

Psycho Magnets  provide a night of high-energy entertainment that is unlike anything else.  With great music, a killer sound system and an amazing light show there is nothing like a Psycho Magnets show!  They have been rockin’ Central Florida for 15 years and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon! 

Haven’t been  to a Psycho Magnets show?  Have a look around the Internet Headquarters and see what you have been missing! Be sure to check out the great photos and videos showing other people going Psycho!

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  1. Psycho Magnets
    Psycho Magnets: Tonight is the night YOU take a break from all Holiday shopping. Head on over to Finn's Beachside Pub for "Psycho... http://t.co/vQoNAw9YGB

  2. Psycho Magnets
    Psycho Magnets: See u all at Mai Tai's in Daytona. 9:30. http://t.co/rHjCchJ75A

  3. Psycho Magnets
    Psycho Magnets: Friday night we will be at Mai Tais in Daytona. then Saturday night at Finns. http://t.co/DVimuTkE5P

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